Team Training

Team Training is service provided by Impetus Training running for athletes between the ages of 10-16. It focuses on teaching them the fundamentals on warming up, mobility work, guided strength training focusing more on form, agility, and sport specific drills.

Great for a team looking for either a post season training to keep their athletes active or a team that would like some in season training to complement their practices.

These are 8 week programs running 1/week with additional mobility work to be incorporated throughout the week.

The 8 week sessions include:

  • initial combine style assessment
  • 6 weeks of strength training, mobility work, and agility work with a certified personal trainer and athletic therapist
  • final combine style assessmentĀ 
  • each athlete gets and individual folder to track their progress and keep their program


Team Registrations are allowed or individual registrations are allowed as well. If you wish to join as an individual, you will be joining a group of athletes doing the same thing. Its a great way to make new friends for the athletes while learning how to improve on your skills.

Dates 2017/2018

October/November – done

January/February – done

April/May – registration now open

June/July – coming soon




Pre Registration Form

*if you’d like more information about the sessions or to see if there is space for your child, please fill the form below and we’ll contact you within 24 hours with the availability of the sessions and any supporting paperwork.



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