2/3 on 1 personal training

group training 2 -3

Grab a couple of your friends and get training together!

Working out on your own can be great but nothing encourages you as much as having your friends or family go through this journey as you all become the best versions of yourselves that you could be. Especially if this means that you get to split some of the cost and still get the same awesome training.

Whitney works with the group as a whole but also realizes that there might need to be different variations in exercises – especially if the goals of the members are different.

The benefits of group training include:

  • You get to encourage each other as you workout
  • Its a team effort so you are not only accountable to yourself and the trainer you’re working with but you’re also accountable to your workout teammates





1 – 8 sessions  – $40/person/session

10 sessions – $30/person/session

12+ sessions – $25/person/session


To contact Impetus Training about personal training sessions, each member of the group will have to fill out the form below.